Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance AT ASSURED24

Handyman Services

We offer a wide variety of handyman services to help maintain your premises:

  • Replace light bulbs
  • Hang pictures
  • ​Install car park signs
  • Fit basic door latches and handles
  • Assemble flat pack furniture
  • Hang mirrors
  • Door shaving / rehanging
  • Pressure wash driveways
  • Install shelves
  • Install house number plates

Drain Unblocking

What causes a clogged drain?

A clogged drain is typically caused by the gradual accumulation of organic matter like hair and grease on the inside walls of drain pipes. Over time, this build-up slows down the normal flow of water through the pipe, much like cholesterol in the bloodstream. When a clump of debris or a wad of hair tries to pass through the pipe, it can become stuck and completely block the flow.

Sewer and drain inspections are an often-forgotten aspect of home ownership but hiring an experienced drain cleaner can make a huge difference. Whether you’re in the market for a new home or just making sure your current one is in the best possible working order, it’s best not to forget about the quality of your drain and sewer lines. Let our team inspect your drains and save time and money in the future.

Give us a call today, and we’ll happily look for underlying issues you might not have noticed yet or find the source of an issue that has become a problem!

Pest Control

Our technicians are trained to the highest level of pest control standards in the UK. We are continually learning and strive to protect both families and businesses more efficiently and effectively. Our pest control team are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) certified, ensuring they have the necessary expertise for controlling pests in your home or business.

At Assured 24 we guarantee it’s treatment plan for a full year. If for whatever reason you have any new pest problems or other covered pests, we will treat immediately and at no cost to you.

  • 24/7 Customer Service Desk
  • Call Outs attended within 24 hours
  • Regular visits by a BPCA (British Pest Control Association) certified technician



We conduct a FREE, no obligation inspection of your property. We will identify the source of your pest problem.



We put together a plan that best fits your home in order to eliminate and protect against pests.



We carry out the actions detailed in your bespoke plan and eradicate your pest animal problem.


With our practical experience in the cleaning industry, we have the knowledge and technique to leave any object or surface gleaming. Our business relies on reputation, and in turn flawless results.

When you hire Assured 24 for your cleaning needs, we guarantee you will be left entirely satisfied with our work. We will quickly respond to your needs and requests to make sure our impeccable service is maintained.

At Assured 24, we are truly committed to provide excellent quality cleaning services for all our clients. We provide professional cleaning services to commercial and domestic customers in Glasgow and Central Scotland.

We utilise our expert industry knowledge to provide a tailored and flexible solution to ensure customer satisfaction on a daily basis. This passion for excellence that helps achieve our excellent customer feedback.

At Assured 24 we pride ourselves on both the professional nature of our staff and the personal touch we bring. We work in tandem with our clients to make sure that we provide a perfectly tailored service fitting your budget, schedule and any other requirements you may have.

We’re pro-active and flexible and our cleaners are fully trained so that we can efficiently and easily ensure that your working space is clean, comfortable and creates the right impression to staff and visitors alike.

Each member of our cleaning team has been extensively trained so that they deliver:

Pristine Cleaning
We coach each and every staff member to complete each task to the highest possible standard. We instil a work ethic that focuses on the end result, namely creating a spotless and professional work environment without disrupting the operation of the business. Our staff are trained to be courteous, presentable and helpful.

Our staff arrive when agreed, plain and simple. Whether you contract us for a one off clean or commit to a regular cleaning contract, you can do so safe in the knowledge that we will do what we say we will, when we say we will. 

We do much more then just dust and hoover. If you have a specific cleaning requirement then get in touch to discuss your specific needs and we’ll tailor a plan just for you.

While we pride ourselves on our exceptional service, we know we also need to be competitive. Our ‘extra mile’ attitude is what makes us better than most but our pricing is comparable with companies far less diligent. Contact us with confidence that you’ll get a superior service at a competitive price.

Personalised Service
Every business is different and we conduct a full assessment of your business in advance of beginning work with you. This helps us get the right people deployed to your business and undertake additional training if a specific need requires it. We like to get to know your needs, layout, equipment, office hours and more so that we can complete your work as quickly and efficiently as possible with the minimum of disruption.

Spot Checking
We talk the talk and walk the walk! Using staff appraisals, spot checks and other monitoring techniques, we keep a close eye on the performance of our cleaners. Each premises can have particular elements unique to the space being cleaned. It’s these features that make your office unique and our commitment to ensuring your bespoke cleaning plan is consistently adhered to.

At Assured 24 we don’t treat every job the same. We recognise the difference in customer requirements between, say, office cleaning, carpet cleaning and retail cleaning.

We understand that retail premises operate in a different way and are open different hours to domestic or office environments. We also understand that no two businesses are the same so we will work with you to create a tailored cleaning schedule for you that ensures your retail premises is kept clean and hygienic but does not impact the day to day operations of the business.

We provide peace of mind as we are fully insured as well as being highly experienced and trained.

We drill our staff to understand that the level of service provided is vital to retail businesses as anything that isn’t perfect won’t just be noticed by staff, it may be apparent to customers so there is a direct financial consequence of improper cleaning. We make sure our cleaners are acutley aware of this so you don’t have to worry about it and can get on with what you do best… selling!

We help ensure customer satisfaction.

They say that a happy customer tells 3 people about their experience whereas an unhappy customer tells 10. We know you go out of your way to provide the best retail experience possible and we ensure that the tasks you employ us to undertake are carried out to the highest standard and without fuss or interruption to your operations. Together we can ensure your clients leave with the best possible impression of you and your business.

Whether you simply want to refresh your home or you are a business looking to keep your premises clean and pristine for on a regular basis, Assured 24 should be your first call.

Our carpet cleaners have years of experience and our state of the art equipment ensure that your carpets will not just be clean, they will be hygienically clean.

Why choose Assured 24?

Child & pet safe chemicals
We don’t just use e only use products specifically tested to be safe for use around children.

Professional cleaning equipment
A higher percentage than you may imagine of our work is finishing off work undertaken by someone else whose equipment simply wasn’t capable of shifting the stain(s) in question. Why take a chance and end up paying twice. Our prices are extremely competitive so you get the best of both worlds.

Highly trained operatives
We use experienced, certified and vetted technicians with expert knowledge so you get the best service every time.

Experienced with delicate materials
There are few fabrics we haven’t encountered and we regularly run in-house training sessions to refresh and update our carpet cleaners’ knowledge. No matter the style of carpet or nature of stain, we can clean it.

Eco-friendly & biodegradable products and procedures
We use the safest chemicals available, safe for you and safe for the planet.

Flexible working
When you’ve left it to the last minute or forgotten to tell us in advance, our cleaners are used to fitting around office and retail premises so we don’t just work 9-5. If you have an urgent or unusual requirement you can call Assured 24 with confidence that we can help.

Quick drying times
The latest technology and products allow us to get your carpet back to its best in no time.

We move furniture
We’re aware some firms insist that you clear an area first but we understand that this is not always possible and can arrange to clean a space prior to cleaning the carpet if required.

Tough stains dealt with
Traditionally some stains were troublesome but with our cutting edge technology and innovations in cleaning chemicals we can handle almost anything you can throw at a carpet.

We can offer a range of services and convenient solutions to produce sparkling results every time, using the following methods:

  • Ladders
  • Water Fed Pole System
  • Abseiling
  • Cradles
  • Cherry Pickers
  • MEWPs

Our highly experienced teams of our window cleaning professionals are fully qualified and hold all relevant qualifications, licenses and accreditations, and they are all fully conversant with the strictly health and safety guidelines in place to ensure all work is carried out safely.

Our aim is:

  • To conscientiously deliver every job with diligence and care
  • To minimize any potential hazards and risks by adhering to current Health and Safety standards
  • To leave every job with the customer’s approval and satisfaction

Assured24 operates a reliable and pre-scheduled window cleaning service in Central Scotland. This includes the following:

  • Pre-scheduled window cleaning so appointments are guaranteed on time
  • Residential / Commercial window cleaning
  • Well trained windows cleaners
  • We clean inaccessible windows with ease with our water-fed pole system
  • We also guarantee that no glass will be scratched
  • 24 hours customer care, call anytime you need us


We Ensure Window Cleaning Even At Impossible to Access Heights

Sometimes you need to leave the inaccessible windows unclean for the simple reason that the cleaners just simply can’t reach them. But our fully trained window cleaners coupled with our specialised equipment, can make it possible to access them.

We use laboratory graded water that we pump through telescopic poles and without even using ladders, we reach windows at extreme heights such as sixty-five feet and above (approximately around the fifth to sixth floor).

We use the most advanced (yet simple to use) water-fed pole system. This is a leading type of window cleaning service which ensures a high quality wash, even at a height of sixty to sixty-five feet.

In short, we are equipped with every type of essential window cleaning piece of machinery that can clean your windows at extreme heights, while still fitting in with your budget.

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