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Alarm activation while you’re on holiday

May 2016


Most people leave their house / business keys with their friends or family member when they go on holiday. Also most people don’t think that it’s necessary to connect their alarm system to the Monitoring Station.

Unattended alarm activation is a magnet for burglars.

The alarm will be ringing all night and it’s likely that on your return your neighbours are no longer speaking to you because your burglar alarm has been ringing non-stop.

If your false alarm is not attended and reset, it will attract potential burglars as it’s obvious that your property is vacant.

So what happens when you are away and your alarm goes off?

If your alarm activation noise is reported to Pollution Department, you might find that your front door has been forced open in order to turn off your alarm system. You will be charged for the cost of these works.

The solution is very simple: you should nominate a key holder and register their phone number with your local police. This way the key holder can be contacted quickly if your neighbours complain regarding your alarm activation to the Police or Pollution Department.

Even better, get your alarm system monitored by an Alarm Monitoring Station, which will contact your key holder immediately.

One phone call could establish if the alarm has been tripped accidentally or whether the police need to attend, and will certainly mean the noise will stop far earlier than it might do otherwise.

You should nominate key holders who will be able to attend your alarm activation within 20 minutes.

They should have knowledge of how to operate your security system.

At Assured 24 we can fulfil the Key Holding duty for you and respond to your alarm activation promptly while you enjoy your holiday.

Call us on 0800 774 7954. We will be happy to advice you regarding your false alarms or general security issues.

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